Thursday, 8 November 2012

You Tube Content ID Sanction - A Moral Turpitude

Dear all,

My views on copyright claims is always clear. We should not act in contrary to the claims by copyright owners.

Now, in a mass portal like YouTube  where millions upload million videos, it is highly impossible to get the prior approval from the respective copyright owners and in most cases we may not even know who the current copyright owners are.

However, YouTube have a automated triggering system - which gives an alert saying - your videos may contain contents owned by xyz ltd and you press the acknowledge button - it is recorded as acknowledged claims and YouTube status says - your video is fully available and status is not in anyway affected.

Good. that is a practical way of both acknowledging and indirectly regularizing the claims.

Secondly, some times you get content ID penalization and message comes - Your video is blocked world wide and content ID is turned red and when you delete the video it is restored to green.

These two are perfect mutually understanding the transaction, where both the copyright owners and the up-loaders interact and a joint action is performed.

Now the cases where the copyright ID sanction strike and removal of video suomoto by copyright owners cannot be acceptable.  We may not know who is real owners, who are fake owners and You-tube claims as per US law if strike is 3 - YouTube account be terminated.

Now, how come this be considered legal. This is an one sided action, by a person without consulting the up loader goes and strike and mess up his channel.   How can you-tube support this.

Does not the you tube has the responsibilities of considering the interests of up-loaders (many are non-profit persons posting for just fun and sharing amongst the friends)

If we post under non-profit channel - then why you tube flash advertisements on that......why it is acting contrary to the category in which it is posted.

Many have painful experiences where they develop, say  a channel and nurture it for 2 years with a views of 7 million with 410 subscribers - suddenly is messed within 3 seconds by some unknown copyright owner claim and the account get terminated.

You-tube policy has to change else it is involving in a moral turpitude harming the interest of viewers and the very purpose of you-tube had become mockery.

All I request is - remove the copyright ID sanction strike -  Retain the other two, to ensure channel is safe and secure.

Play a fair game, don't take viewers/up loaders for granted.

Will Google do it ------ Let us wait and watch.

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