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Mixpherion - Movie Review - Thuppakki - 4 / 5

Dear all,

Just watched Thuppakki (Tamil film released for Diwali starring Vijay)

It is quite interesting and more refreshing to watch this investigative thriller, with right dosage of suspense and action.

It is a welcome trend in Tamil films to have such investigative thrillers, similar to Malayalam movies like Commissioner, Bharatchandran IPS, Detective, Tiger - all Suresh Gopi action series and CBI series of Mammotty acting as Indian Sherlock Holmes.

Vijay aptly fits in the role of Indian Army Officer and mention also to be made by the actor who portrayed Villain - even if the villain comes in limited scenes he is stylish and leave mark.

Vijay carries the film on his shoulder easily and one biggest improvement in this film is - Vijay's body language - He is suave and all his action emulates the image of a very serious man targeting only his mission.

His action, coupled with sequencing of action frames by AR Murugadoss is awesome in two occassions:

1. When Jagdish (Vijay) and his team, started following and logically splitting in tracking the sleeper cell terrorists and gun them all at one stroke in different locations.

2. When Terrorists, start kidnapping the sisters of army officers team how Jagdish(Vijay) manipulate and track them and save - excellent cat and mouse game.

Kajal, Jayram, sathyan characters are seems to be imposed just for some formality sake as none of them add value and substance to the story sequence.

Harris Jayraj music is a damp squib - and his background score never ever comes to a standard of what needs to be given to a investigative thriller.

Except the Introduction song all the other songs serve as a biggest speed breaker to this movie which irritates when the viewers are at the edge of their seats eagerly waiting as how the next scene would unfold.

Many audience behind me, shouted and booed whenever a song sequence started.

AR Murugadoss, should note a point, that in these investigative thrillers, once the Mission sequence start rolling, no interruption in the form of songs should come - That will mar the beauty of story telling of this genre.

My workings for rating this movie (My opinion only)

Investigative Thriller and Action Genre     1.50
Vijay Charisma                                        2.00
AR Murugadoss package                         1.00
Fight sequences                                        1.00
Total                                                        5.50

Less: Kajal, Jayram, Sathyan       0.50
         Harris Jayraj Music            1.00       1.50

Quite Watchable within the constraints of - Kajal,Jayram,Sathyan scenes and Music

I am fully aware as how difficult is to make a movie which includes thousands and thousands of man hours are put in and passing sly judgement or criticism is very easy.

But as an end user of a product - i.e. the Audience I thought I too can register my views more as a feedback. Thats it.  This does not in anyway relate to the hard work put on by all who worked for making this movie. Wishing the Thuppakki team Good luck.



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