Friday, 30 November 2012

Talaash - Takes off with Hype but Crash Lands - 2 / 5

As I put it before, making a movie is a great task where thousands of man hours are put to work and it is easy to pass criticism.

However, as an end-user of the product, thought I do have rights to put across my impressions more as a feedback.

Aamir, please note pre release hype kills the movie. The reason is it increase the expectations to high level and that has more vulnerability to back fire. It has exactly happened to Talaash.

The first half, slowly unfolds and investigative pattern quite interesting. Full Marks

But then the mess happens.

Character Rosy (Kareena) interaction with Shekawat (Amir khan) totally deviates and hotel room sequence irritates more like a never ending soap opera serials. Rani Mukerji character never ever gels with the movie.

What should have been a typical Sherlock Holmes type of unravelling the mystery finally crash lands as a half baked and immature ending which cannot be termed as suspense.

The bench mark with which I went to see the movie was:

1. Malayalam film - CBI detective series (Acted by mammotty as Sethurama Iyer CBI - typical Indian Sherlock Holmes)

2.Malayalam Detective (Suresh Gopi)

3. Tamil Movie - Mounam sammatham (Mammotty)

But got disappointed.

Investigative thriller is like walking in sword edge.  But Talaash - Having build up the suspense but ending  immature leaves a kind of void in the mind.

As fars as Ratings, my workings are simple -

Rating 2 is only for Aamir khan acting (superb in the end where he sobs on shore of the lake)

Aamir, Better luck next time

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