Monday, 29 October 2012

Entertainment in New Dimension

Dear all,

Just wanted to share how this Mixpherion came into being:

When I started my remix  - example - keeping the current film song video of Shahrukhan and swapping the audio with a say 1950 Mohd Rafi song - it was just fun, thrill and like solving a puzzle where you retain the audio file intact and start editing the video to bring it somewhat relative to audio.

But as this experiment went for some time, I discovered that old songs of 1940,50,60 are still relevant and come to life even if I remix with current generation actors.  That shows, those songs has eternal life.

Thats the point of time I started to share my remixing with wider audience in youtube under the head Mixpherion

Then while browsing lots of old videos, I came across many superb videos of Mehdi hassan, salim raza, Ahmed Rushdi, Bashir Ahmed, Mala begum etc of Pakistan and then it striked why I cannot see both India and Pakistan united in Mixpherion.

Thats where the Mixpherion- Indo-Pak Peace series was born and I started remixing pakistan old melodies with Indian actor videos and vice versa.

The hobby turned to Passion and great stress buster for me, on my routine official work and then I also started showing interest in digital remastering of old classical audio where the SwarHawaa series was born

Then I started collecting vintage classics and tried to group them under one point - thats when Evergreen Melodies series started

Many copyright owners of audio and video after I acknowledged the claim - allowed the videos to continue - FIRST MY BIGGEST SALUTATIONS TO THEM.

However, apart from the petals of appreciation  from wide audience all over the world, and many copyright owners --------- still some thorns did hurt me.

Few isolated sadistic copyright owners.

Normally When I post I get a notification that it contains third party copyright claims and there is an option to acknowledge the claims and I acknowledge it and video is available freely.

I have no intention of any commercial whatsoever which is written clearly in the video notes, as I do this mostly out of my passion to old golden era and good music

But some copyright owners do have sadistic pleasure in striking the sanctions - and youtube says if you have 3 strikes - your channel will be terminated.

I dont understand, why they need to sanction...they can just block that video alone and we get alert in youtube to remove the videos to enable the content ID red to change to green.

I felt deeply hurt and bad today morning when I saw a copyright sanction from a copyright owner - What I did was - Just out of my curiosity I converted the Ben Hur classic charriot race to 3D and it was spectacular to see and I posted it in youtube --- When posted there was no copyright information and for nearly many hours there was no indication of infrignment of copyright........Then I thought might be it is ok.....but today morning just as a rude shock - saw the content id infringment with strike sanction

On what rationale the copyright owners do - nobody knows...Cant they see the site, see the number subscribers, number viewers, the intention of youtube uploader and then decide.  Even if they dont want it, why cant they block and give the content ID match alone in Red, so that we will remove and restore it to green status.

By striking the sanction - they just mock the efforts of youtube uploader and viewers.

Imagine a youtube account which is two years old having membership of say 1500 and with 5 million views - just by some sadist copyright sanction strikes is terminated.

Does the copyright owner who was responsible for sanctions and terminate account gain anything---Nothing---Instead youtube viewers are at huge loss, where efforts of uploader, the visual experiences of viewers all are just like that routed and ripped apart.

Youtube is peoples channel, and you cannot expect all to carry camera and start taking cinemas to claim this is my original content.

Youtube, now has become a protal to exchange good music / Videos and people whoever has best collections upload for pleasure of other youtube lovers.

I know, all these wont bother youtube or google........they will just chuck this to dustbin - But atleast I have a relief of pouring out my feeling to wider audience.

I have started this channel as a backup to my channel breezyawaaz - , because 700 videos with 650k views and 170 subscribers, nobody knows when it will be blasted by sadistic copyright owners.

Requesting the copyright owers - Be user friendly - be kind at brain and intelligent at heart...

Always note that if there is no music loving youtube uploaders -

however great the  actor/singer/producer/director/copyright owner they may be - they wont be visible to world.


Thy own self......Vivek

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